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The Bottom Of The Screen Shooter was one of the earlier video game genres ever and is still quite popular to this day. This wiki celebrates and explores BOTSS games, along with any platforms, programmers and other personnel that create, publish, or hack BOTSS games.

So far, there are 170 articles about bottom of the screen shooters since July 25, 2012, ya got that?! No First Person Shooters, no sports games, no RPGs, no multi-directional shooters, none of that!

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Attack from Mars is a solid state pinball machine that was released in 1995 by Midway (although under the Bally label). Players had to utilize the ball to hit various targets in certain orders to strike back at attacking Martians in order to defend planet Earth.

Video Mode is the mini-game that, when unlocked, was a simple bottom of the screen shooter that would appear on the video display on Attack from Mars's backboard.

You can read all about the game here.

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